Pitanga Colouring the World

March 24, 2016

Pitanga Colouring the World

I have been a supporter of World Vision by sponsoring a girl in Brazil prior to launching Pitanga Activewear. Brazil is where my origins and heart are and during my last holiday / family visit trip to Brazil I decided to visit the community and the girl I sponsor in the North East of Brazil, near Salvador, Bahia, a popular tourist Carnaval destination.
There are many charities out there working for diverse purposes, and I am sure that the question of where does the money go has crossed our minds a few times , and this is one of the reasons why I wanted to visit the community and learn more about the work done in that particular project. I learnt that World Vision has different projects around the World, focusing on the different needs of each group. In the case of this community in Brazil, the biggest tick for me was the variety of activities provided to the thousands of children participating on the program (registered or non registered), with the main purpose of taking them out of the streets, and if you've been to Brazil you would know how important this is. But what I loved about the World Vision ideology is that they do not go to these places just to offer a safe place for kids to stay, give them food, water and health supplies; they are there to teach them how to do it, instead of doing things for them, giving these kids hope and educating them on how to continue their work once the team moves on to their next project in another region in need as each project lasts approximately 20 years. These kids then become young adults with vision leading their communities and making a difference.
This trip brought me back to reality, the one I used to see on a daily basis when living in Brazil . Living in Australia for over 8 years, you kind of take things for granted and I am very fortunate that things worked well for me in this beautiful country, but since my return, I wanted to do more, impact on a larger scale and make a bigger difference to the lives of those in need.
After Jacelyn Wilson joined Pitanga, we had a good chat on where we wanted to take our brand and we agreed  that we both believe that every single person deserves to live and feel well and we both feel very strong about contributing and giving back. We then decided to approach World Vision Australia through the person that helped me to organise my visit to Brazil and it all started from there. They loved the idea of what we could do as a business with the assistance of our ambassadors and we joined forces to help a particular project in Myanmar which helps women and children by providing basic health needs, nutrition and health education, which aligns with our vision as a brand. Through this partnership we have committed to contributing a portion of every single sale to this beautiful project and organise fundraising events with businesses and people like-minded, directly makes a difference in someone’s life to help improve their health and well-being, saving lives by helping to prevent illnesses and improving the nutrition for mothers and their babies.
This is a MNCH Project and is an ANCP Initiative (Australian NGO Cooperation Program), where the Australian Government, through the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) provides funding to World vision to implement international development projects through an initiative called the ANCP
The Department of Trade and Foreign Affairs provides funding for this program on a 5:1 basis, that is, for every $1 that World Vision provides, DFAT must contribute $5. The Myanmar Maternal, Newborn and Child Health and Nutrition Project is part of the ANCP.
The total funding required in 2016FY for this project is $2,126,434
The project already benefited 6,944 people and their families in 2013-14. World Vision estimates 97,200 people will have directly benefited from this project by the time it has finished. 
Join our "Colouring the World" Movement and help us making a difference!
Melina Louzada
Pitanga founder and co-owner
Class of Gratitude

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